NetherWorld: Les Catacombes de Paris

De Sous la terre
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  • Titre : NetherWorld: Les Catacombes de Paris

Description : NeitherWorld: Paris Catacombs is a spin-off special episode which aired during Season 9 of Ghost Adventures. Zak heads to Paris, France, where he learns from locals that the dead are buried just beneath the streets 65 feet below in a massive maze of tunnels. His mission is to learn everything he can about the culture, the history, and the mysteries of Paris' Catacombs, especially if it relates to the afterlife. (Les mots me manquent...)


  • Production : My Tupelo Entertainment
  • Réalisation : Zak Bagans
  • Date de sortie : 4 mai 2014
  • Durée : 42mn


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